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Fishing has significant direct and indirect effects on habitat, and on the diversity, structure and productivity of benthic communities.These effects are most readily identified and last longest in those areas that experience infrequent natural disturbance.

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But it’s not an unreasonable assertion given the huge body ofwhere women are given inferior status in relation to men. And none of her fellow panelists said much in relation to her observation about the essential anti-feminism of Islam. I doubt Malveaux would say something similar in public.

It was the 1990s and anti-religious outbursts by a very Left-wing person wasn’t surprising. And I assume that her panelists, especially the conventional liberals, would come to the defense of Islam if she did.

Though I’m not a “New Atheist” personally (just an atheist), I don’t mind, and even appreciate, people who can discuss the reality that according to the Sunnah, Muhammad, PBUH, was a child rapist and sex slaver by the norms of the current year.

As I am not Muslim and I don’t wish to emulate Muhammad I don’t have to reconcile traditional Islam’s understanding of him with modern norms (not that Muhammad is special, Moses was a child slaughterer).

Chinese “Communism” today is arguably just one huge game of preference falsification.

Late stage Soviet Communism was also preference falsification writ large.

The Secular Jihadists don’t engage in preference falsification, and I find that refreshing because it’s so rare. While listening to podcasts and viewing You Tubes one thing I’ve come to realize is that Far Left and Far Right views are more interesting because the two groups are so marginal they don’t have an incentive to preference falsify.

I don’t agree with their New Atheist beliefs on a lot of the details, nor do I share their liberal politics, but I know where I agree and disagree. I disagree with both perspectives, but it’s honest disagreement.

Fishers tend to target species in sequence as a fishery develops and this leads to changes in the composition of the fished communities with time.

The dramatic and apparently compensatory shifts in the biomass of different species in many fished ecosystems have often been driven by environmental change rather than the indirect effects of fishing.

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