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The college guy asked me to suck both cocks together. He keep on pushing his cock in mouth and i suddenly feel that theres already two cocks inside my mouth.The sex was great, we tried sandwich, im at the middle and it was satisfying.“Jamil, Raju, perempuan tudung labuh & berjubah itu nampaknya macam sedang kecewa & bingung.

Bagaimanapun arah hidup Zulaikha berubah apabila pada suatu hari dia terserempak dengan Azman, bakal tunangannya sedang berjalan bersama perempuan lain dengan amat mesra sambil berpengangan tangan disebuah pusat membeli belah di ibu kota.

Zulaikha benar2 amat marah & terasa sungguh kecewa kerana merasa dipermainkan.

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When your bored and lonely, sex will come first in your mind. Well, guys here in manila are a bit conservative and traditional when it comes to kinky stuff.

Zulaikha yang masih dalam keadaan kecewa, bingung & marah, bagai dipukau menaiki kereta mereka.

Dalam kereta Zulaikha hanya mendiamkan diri & termenung.

Both cocks are already hard before my hand reached it.

The two are kissing so hard that the college guy is moaning so hard.

Jamil, Amir & Raju tersenyum saja mengenangkan ikan segar yang sedang menanti untuk diratah Mereka telah membawa Zulaikha ke rumah sewa mereka.

Zulaikha hanya mengikut saja kerana fikirannya sedang kosong.

My hands is still doing the job while the two guys licking their nipples and moan so hard.


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