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Some hotels have a casino inside such as New World, Grand Hotel, Caravelle, Renaissance Riverside, Rex, Majestic, Hotel Continental and Sheraton.

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Girls you will talk to on this website do not expect you to be located in Vietnam so they are rather easy to approach. They are very strict with it, especially Government-run hotels. I think you should not be shy to ask directly to the hotel their policy about guests.

Use a fake email if necessary but at least you'll know.

It is not easy to describe what the Hash really is. That is true, we run every Sunday through the countryside surrounding Ho Chi Minh City. Others say that the Hash is a social club, also true.

Some say that we are a drinking club, true also as we drink beer (and soft drinks) after each run/walk.

There are some lists of girl-friendly hotels in Saigon on the internet but you should be careful with those. If you have an experience with a particular hotel in Saigon, it's great if you can share it in the comment section below.

In almost every streets of Saigon, you will find a short time / love hotel.Trails are 7-9 km (strictly non-competitive) for runners and the walks are usually around 5-6 km.We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. It's best to arrive at around - with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm.I make a small commission on every booking so if you like this review and value the hours I spent writing it, it would be nice for you to book using one of these links.If you don't like Agoda, you can also use my links to Hotels or If you visit Saigon alone or with some male friends, I recommend you to get a few contacts with local Vietnamese girls before arriving.


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