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(It is second only to China, which produces roughly half of the world’s apples! With a large duffel bag in hand and a baseball hat to conceal his face, Harry made his way into his girlfriend's abode ahead of Easter weekend.It’s estimated he walked around 10,000 miles before his death, and his way of life—usually walking around barefoot in the wilderness with just a knife for protection—earned him a spot as a tough but caring frontiersman and an American folk hero.

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But as popular as the tasty dessert might be in the land of the free, it isn’t actually American. When colonists arrived in North America, they found only crab apple trees—and if you’ve ever tried to eat a crab apple, you probably know that they wouldn’t be very nice in pies.

The most likely ancestor of apples as we know them today can still be found in Asia: the wild genus Malus sieversii.

The Prince Harry and Meghan have taken their romance around the world, traveling back and forth to London, Toronto, Norway and more. "They're very serious." Our insider also said it wouldn't be a surprise if the couple got engaged later this year.

While in Norway, Prince Harry and Meghan went whale watching and sat under the Aurora Borealis—how romantic! While Meghan has been filming her hit USA show, Prince Harry has been keeping busy with his royal family. trials for this year's Invictus Games, which will take place in Toronto.

Because most Americans are suckers for patriotism, apple pie was quickly adopted as “the” American thing by the 1960s- “As American as apple pie”, dropping the more obviously not unique American thing of “motherhood”.

An alternate theory sometimes put forth as to the origin of the expression is that it actually pre-dated the soldier’s usage and derivation of “For mom and apple pie”.While American apple orchards had a bumpy road to producing good apples, America quickly became one of the largest producers of apples.Nearly every farm grew apples during the United States’ infancy, and today over 220,000,000 bushels of apples are produced every year there.By the time apples arrived in the Americas, cooking with apples was nothing new.In fact, the first recorded recipe for apple pie was written in 1381 in England, and called for figs, raisins, pears, and saffron in addition to apples.It was much more prolific than the native honey bee, the Apis mellipona, which produces less than one kilogram of honey each year (compared to the Apis mellifera’s 50 kilograms).

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