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800-639-6111 KS SM How can this number be reported to the cell provider???? 09/28/17 Discover Texts me whenever there's a charge on my card and I saw a 63.50 charge and am NOT a Sprint customer. Mine was much less than anybody else's charges were though.

Discover cancelled the account and is taking care of the issue 100%. Only 0 I got a charge from SPRINT *WIRELESS 800-639-6111 KS for 0.63, which caused my account to go in the negative, triggering a series of notifications to me.

As I was on hold, I got another email stating 4 more charges were attempted overseas for some dating website and asking me to verify if this was me.

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SPRINT *WIRELESS 800-639-6111 KS I just got charged over $800 dollars, 3 different charges over a 6 day period on a BA credit card that I have not used in over 18 months.

Only realized it when I got an email saying "you have a new bill from BA". I do have a sprint phone number but have never used BA ever on their service.

The charge was made over the phone or internet- not at a location.

I was just notified by text that SPRINT *WIRELESS 800-639-6111 KS charged me $290.69. I just dont get how this person has gotten away with this for so long!

Someone got my credit card number, but didn't get very far with it because I caught it while charges were still pending. I'm not a Sprint Customer and NEVER have been.

I'm always paranoid about my accounts and check them daily. My bank listed it as follows: SPRINT *WIRELESS 800-639-6111 KS.800-639-6111 KS SM How can this number be reported to the cell provider????Just discovered a charge on my account for over 450, from this number as well.Called Sprint they have no idea this is going on, called the bank as well.They are investigating, what I don't understand is how this number has so many complaints and no one had done anything about this number.This is the third time in less than 18 months that one of my debit cards have have been used (not the physical card but done electronically) in less than 18 months.

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