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If you know how to unlock the secret “Guy Code” you’ll have him chasing you…and begging to be part of your life.

(page 117) Outrageous dating advice that will stop you in your tracks and make you shake your head in amazement. It's the very thing you need if you haven't had any luck with your usual "type" of guy and you want to find someone who is right for you. Run through this short "Keeper" Checklist - 4 Key Questions you should ask before you decide he's the guy of your dreams. That can cause you to overthink things which can ruin a promising relationship and leave you hurt or wounded.

This is one of the quickest ways to prevent heartbreak and wasted years waiting for a commitment. This story will show you how damaging overthinking can be and what to do to help avoid it.

Top Hangouts For Finding Hot Men Before you activate your man-attracting charms you have to know where to find the type of man you're searching for. The Jock..The Adventurer...these places are the men’s gathering grounds – their usual haunts where they flock to before work...after work..during the day. I've opened my little Black Book to reveal what should be in your wardrobe to get noticed.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find in the … When you enter a room you want to turn heads..stop conversation as people notice you.

(page 147) How a tortoise and a hare can help you determine what type of man is chasing you. He emails you several times a day just to let you know he's thinking of you and to tell you how special you are. He floods you with attention and he's always on your mind. It looks like you've found "The One" and things could progress to the "next level." Your heart leaps with joy. It can cause friction and arguments and even lead to a break up. 13 main reasons a man won't commit (Know why a man won't commit and see if they apply to your man) 9 Red Flags that indicate a man might not be ready to commit or will not commit to you (You might be wasting your time with a man who will never commit) 12 Subtle Signs a man will very likely make a commitment to you (You don't even have to ask him because he's sending out "Commitment Signals" all the time) What to do if your man doesn't commit to you (Specific steps to take if your man isn't making a commitment) There's nothing more illuminating than being key dating and relationship concepts instead of being told what to do and what not to do.

(page 180) The "Cold Approach" method and why it's so powerful. Now there’s no more waiting by the phone or checking your emails hoping to hear from any guy who has a pulse no matter how undesirable he may seem simply because you're lonely. After all, there's something almost magical about stories that open our eyes to new ideas and fresh perspectives that we've never thought about or considered before. " moments and have a huge impact on your dating and relationships.

(page 154) 16 signs your man wants to be in an exclusive relationship with you. That's why I created a unique section with These Relationship Stories identify, explain, and analyze common relationship and dating problems and how you can approach them in your own life.

Finally there's no more guessing whether you've won his heart and you’re his first priority or whether you’re in fierce competition with other women. These are valuable learning experiences that help you not only navigate your dating life but also help you avoid wasting your time with someone who's not right for you. Overthinking A Relationship When you find a man you're interested in or infatuated with you can end up on a roller coaster of emotions.

Seems you can't even think straight or utter an intelligent word? I'll show you 3 powerful techniques including 19 topics for "conversation openers" so you can confidently approach any guy, no matter how hot he is. Red Flags Red flags can be - and usually are - deal breakers.

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