Interracial dating cupid

This is another good story with great descriptions.

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She eventually starts dressing more revealing and gets a job at a strip club. Since I love fetish stories, especially ones about clothes, this one has my pick.

Some of the best clothing descriptions I’ve seen in a story and yet the author only has one story...a shame really. A woman is kidnapped and is slowly transformed into a fuck doll and is sold. Another great Tabico story where in this one, someone breaks into a young girls house and places and alien pod between her legs and takes control of her.

Sula follows Claire around and finally into a junk shop. When Claire gets home, she finds herself dressing more sexy and the same happens to Sula.

Well Sula needs a job and goes to a law firm and guess who she meets?

He makes them pick up two guys, have sex with them and then switch

This story is great and twins just add to the fun because two is better than one.

Very well written story with a surprise twist, I’m sure you’ll like it a lot.

There’s something about the way this student looks at Ms. All she knows is that she’s been having very very erotic thoughts about him and she can’t stop them. A girl borrows a book that has demon pictures in it and accidentally chants the words out loud and then her mom finds it and does the same. A loser nerd invents a “love” potion even cupid would be jealous of. Guy breeds flower that makes women basically his slave.

Who ever wrote this, e-mail me, you are a pretty good writer..write more.

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