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There’s simply no choice but to think: ‘There’s light at the end of the tunnel.’I didn’t want my children to feel sad, so I forced myself to keep laughing.

I became utterly consumed with work, convinced I didn't need to be in a relationship to find fulfilment in life.

I felt happy with my situation until the moment my father died earlier this year, 20 years after my mother passed away. She's also a teacher so we have something in common there.

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The final straw was when he stood me up, saying his dad had died that morning.

Like Ben, I have come to dating late — I divorced three years ago — so I really sympathise with his problems. I’m the same age as Ben, and beginning to date again in your late-30s after a long marriage is a culture shock.I know how tough it is to raise children on your own.I’ve been on my own since 2010, but as a parent you keep going like a hamster on a wheel.I'm not looking for some knight in shining armour to marry me.I began to think: 'Perhaps you and I would get on very well.'My last relationship ended ten years ago.He's out there rolling the dating-game dice, when he doesn't yet feel ready to do so, because his little girl wants to move forward and he must at least try for her sake.


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