Dating a widow with children

Ben said: 'I was taken rather by surprise when my daughter told me one day: "Dad, I really want a stepmum." My wife's death meant I'd taken on the role of two parents, but family life missed a woman's touch.'So, unwittingly helped on by my daughter, I realised it was time to look for companionship.' Despite going on a series of dates, Ben failed to meet the attractive, kind and good-humoured woman he hoped would be a companion for him and stepmother to his son and daughter.

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The final straw was when he stood me up, saying his dad had died that morning.

Like Ben, I have come to dating late — I divorced three years ago — so I really sympathise with his problems. I’m the same age as Ben, and beginning to date again in your late-30s after a long marriage is a culture shock.I'm not looking for some knight in shining armour to marry me.I began to think: 'Perhaps you and I would get on very well.'My last relationship ended ten years ago.He's out there rolling the dating-game dice, when he doesn't yet feel ready to do so, because his little girl wants to move forward and he must at least try for her sake.But as I read more I thought: 'I don't have those agendas.' For me, the time to have children feels long gone, and I'm OK with that.One man asked me to text a picture of what I was wearing at night.


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