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But if you are gay, and desperate to cover for yourself too, then you'd go to those lengths time and again imo. You'd never trust this guy again if you buy that he dumped Taylor and went off with at least one other chick at around the same time. The DM did hint at something there but it was never blown into epic proportions after 1 day like this. Speculative, and could be someone else, but if I can find it I'll link it.The press' desperation to link her and Styles is also interesting. R24, Taylor Swift's next photocall with Harry will be stepping out with a dishevelled hairdo. Those shades he wore the first hotel day look like the ones he said he once dropped down the toilet.A guy can have a girl friend, though of course they will know the way it looks to the outside world.

It’s clear to everyone they are smitten with one another and already talking about marriage.

He doesn’t want them to split up as fast as they’ve got together and for Taylor to end up devastated.”adele album American Idol Arts baby beyonce britney spears Chris Brown Christmas concert dating Demi Lovato divorce Facebook family fans gifs Grammy Award Harry harry styles Health Hollywood Instagram interview itv Justin Justin Bieber kanye west katy perry Keeping Up with the Kardashians Khloe Kardashian Kim Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian kris jenner Kristen Stewart Lady Gaga Lindsay Lohan London Los Angeles love love line madonna marriage miley cyrus Music Music Minute music video new album New York New York City nicki minaj one direction Online Communities performance Pregnancy Reality television relationship Rihanna Robert Pattinson sad selena gomez Shopping simon cowell Sun taylor swift Television tour tweet Twitter United States video wedding Whitney Houston x factor All images uploaded are copyright to their respective owners and no infringement is intended.

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Anything that gets her out of the music industry is good...shes a nasty anti-vigin.

DS is easy to join, just a waiting period for verification. That's why their blind items thread is mostly in code. Just a suggestion, but could we set up the other forum (so it's ready as a backup) but try and stay on here until we are forced off? Many of us post elsewhere in DL I assume we have outstayed our welcome - honestly thought we might be in the right place as we mostly discuss UK and US media interpretation of rumoured closet dwellers in the mainstream. Looking at the General 1D thread which was closed (because we barely posted there before it was so it's somewhat quicker) only one of the previous queried subjects was mentioned by name, so it seems likely to be that one, although I suggest we avoid both to be sure.

You never know, they might just be having an off day? It's so easy to post and if someone opened a new thread with a more ambiguous title it might work? I'm a complete technophobe (mobiles weren't even around in my childhood! For those unsure check the last few posts over there.

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Insiders have said: “He likes Harry but he wants them to slow down and take things easy.

They made sure the "couple" were photographed going into HER hotel at 4 A. Harry conspicuously carried and overnight kit and a clean t-shirt.(Maybe he doesn't wear underwear or maybe he doesn't change them.)This morning they are photographed as both conspicuously left, separately, to make sure everyone knew they spent the night together. I'd bet Harry's boyfriend was already lubed up and waiting for him. The onyl thing is Harry is considered aplayer, and a "stud" (don't laugh) and Taylor has promoted a goody goody image which is now at risk. Shady piece anyway, because there's no way Nick Grimshaw has invested all that time and effort for the past year to act as gooseberry so Harry Styles can use him to 'talk to' Taylor Swift. There's some talk that Harry has no say in this and is being forced to do it but who knows. I do know the things being said about he and Grimshaw in particular lately would have been worrysome for his brand-hungry backers and reps.


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