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I don’t want him to think cheating is ok, and that looking at or treating women like sexual objects instead of living souls is ok.

I want him to take responsibility for all his actions and not to make excuses.

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Biblical dating advice boaz

It has our skewed view because we paint the person as another version of what we want them to be.

But the truth is the person in front of you is who they really are and that future potential doesn’t exist.

As the owner of a field, Boaz showed generosity and compassion on the less fortunate by following Levitical law (Leviticus 19:9-10).

Boaz knew that there was a closer relative who had “first dibs” in redeeming Ruth (-13). God looks at the heart and He will not send you a Boaz whose heart is not ready to be with you.

I finally put all my trust in God and it was a painful process. I look back and I realize if I hadn’t taken that leap of faith and didn’t do those necessary things that were painful for a moment, I would have been in pain for the rest of my life because I was holding onto a person God didn’t design for me.

I would have continued to push Carl away, because he was my first and only encounter of healthy love, God’s love. Allow His examples of love and marriage to become your compass and your truth, because this world will tell you everything but the TRUTH! But if you can align your thoughts and feelings with God’s Word, then you will know that you’re getting what God has for you.

This act of faith to journey to Judah, a commitment to her mother-in-law, her hard work in the fields, and her own lovely character, brought about a harvest of blessing upon Ruth, as God drew a man named Boaz to notice her, pursue her, and marry her.

Boaz had care and concern for others, loving his neighbor as himself.

I want him to know how to communicate in a healthy and loving way, I want him to get help when he needs it.

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