Tips on dating chinese girls

Chinese girls aren’t used to using or hearing that kind of language and usually won’t understand it. If she makes you laugh, then just use tip 5 and say she is “cute”. Usually, Chinese women don’t look for a date, they look for a husband.

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On this article we will look at some top 10 ways of getting to a Chinese girl.

Hopefully, if you play the cards right you will not walk away empty handed. Pick something very narrow to focus on and use it to transition into a broader compliment.

Chinese girls seem to have a cute fetish and they do everything to act and look cute.

Chinese girls go wild when they see a foreigner speaking good Chinese.

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Picking up Chinese girls requires a different approach than picking up western women.Lucas has been to more than 12 Chinese cities and is currently sharing a life with his Chinese girlfriend.I have had the experience of staying with a girl in my hotel and every time we returned from outside, she would close and latch the room door and automatically take off her clothes as naturally as she breathed.This will give her the impression that you don’t say these compliments to every girl and that indeed there is truth in what you say. Instead over exaggerate and again make it clear that you are complimenting her. Chinese girls can be shy, and will often try to deflect your compliments.Related: Top 10 Online Dating Websites to Date Chinese Girls Tip 2. Even if you don’t know squat about Chinese culture, you should definitely try to learn a few things and use them on your pick up attempt. If she is wearing high heels, then go on to say that those heels really make her legs look long. A very common way for Chinese women to deflect a compliment is “哪里哪里” “nǎli nǎli” which literally means “where, where? Compliments about a Chinese girl’s personality are usually more powerful than compliments about her appearance in general.Don’t just say that the girl looks beautiful, but rather look for something specific and compliment that.


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