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We merely highlighted the good and general traits embedded in their character as part of their national identity and culture. They might not like you right away, but at least you’ll have a fighting chance, and not treat you like you have a restraining order from them.Who hasn’t heard of Margot Robbie utter a word and didn’t think “OK, that accent is melting me?

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If things work well, you may elevate this into exclusive dating, a relationship, or even marriage.

And you will have a respectable, gorgeous, and intelligent lady forever by your side. For tens of thousands of years, women have been intimidating men in ways more than we can imagine. You see, they belong to one of the friendliest, most polite, and most laid-back people on the planet.

Meanwhile, Aussie ladies have been doing these for decades already.

Australia works on an egalitarian principle, meaning everybody is being given equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilities regardless of social status, education background, race, and gender.

So, if your type are eternal damsels in distress, Aussie women aren’t those. For some westerners, being Asian or Indian or African might feel like you came from the far side of the planet. More likely than not, she already has an Asian, Indian, or an African friend from the other side of the street.

So your culture won’t shock her anymore, at least not that much.They can think on their feet, they know their way around things.They can build and repair whatever it is that needs to be built or repaired. They are not a race of misogynistic people who abhors men in general and probably raised Wonder Woman. She will not whine or nag over broken things and disappointments.And since the country is 65% rough terrain, the love for adventure runs in their blood as well.And after a day’s hard work, they’ll cap it off with a few shouts (that’s Aussie term for rounds) of beer with a good company. They love beaches, they’re all blond, and all have sexy accents.


  1. I commented that I thought he was lovely and he'd have to intro me when I was next in Scotland (I was saying this jokingly, I'm married.) and he replied "Sorry to burst your bubble, gorgeous as you are, I don't think you've got what he's looking for if you know what I mean..."[quote]" And he was like "He's gay. Im sure he's photographed with women, I've seen him around home with women. Shame that it does If it didn't really matter, Sam wouldn't need a PR beard to play a ridiculous and unbelievable fauxmance.

  2. And it’s best to use a headline that you yourself find nice.

  3. Entertainment Weekly described her as "this season's best Saturday Night Live host so far", noting that she "was always up for the challenge, seemed to be having fun, and helped the rest of the cast nail the punchlines".

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