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They travel for hours to different malls along I-95 to get as many items as they can from different stores.

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If a store is releasing items from a new collection, professional shoplifters steal them and send them the same day to China to be crafted into a perfect knockoff.

“They have places in China and over in that area that can make these knockoffs in a matter of a day,” Frechette said. That’s how knockoffs are successful.” Aside from stores not prosecuting, another factor is the liability companies have if a customer harms an employee.

“If we see someone trying to steal a pair of pants, we use recovery statements.” Video Flip of Gardens Mall Security below: In the two years Soto has been store manager, she has never prosecuted anyone for shoplifting.

“I think the policy is the same across the board: there’s always a dollar amount you have to meet before you prosecute,” Santiago said.

“We have a lot of tools from corporate, but a lot of it comes from personal experience,” Santiago said.

She said she keeps a keen eye on customers who want to make returns.Each store is allotted a loss and prevention budget for stolen items.However, if the total cost of items stolen runs over budget, prices will go up.Each store’s security plan varies, but at the end of the day shoplifters will do whatever it takes to get what they want.There are a variety of types of shoplifters — from juveniles to professionals — who spend weeks hitting malls across the state.The strangest thing Migill has seen when it comes to shoplifting is men dressing up as women.


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