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One of the major benefits of establishing an account is the case subscription feature.

With this feature, a user can subscribe to a Civil or Probate case and receive automated notifications whenever a new document is filed on that case.

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The purpose of the Public Case Access System is to provide the ability to research and locate Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento cases on a particular individual or a case number.

The Public Case Access System provides you with the ability to search for cases by name, case number, or filing date.

In Civil and Probate cases, you are able to view information regarding case participants, events, and documents (where applicable).

The Traffic section allows you to look up and pay your traffic citation online.

Name searches and document downloads will incur a public access fee that reimburses the Court for the cost of providing public access to its electronic records.

A credit card is required for payment of these fees.You may also come to the court and access the case information and documents online through one of the court’s kiosks free of charge (requests for printed copies will be charged at the rate published in the Court’s Fee Schedule).A public access fee will be charged when searching for cases by name.Name search credits do not expire, with the exception of the 30- and 365-day name search options.A public access fee will be charged for viewing case documents.The court will create an account and subscribe the participant to their case.

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