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9 Exhibitions, 22 movies, audio-visual and information campaigns will present various moments of our statehood and the building if the nation inviting us to discover our own story and connection.A special ‘Thank-you’ campaign invites us to send ‘Thank you’ postcards to the people that we think are important and special for us personally or for the country.Category: Founding Partner Posjetite stranicu Code Kingdoms has build a code editor, which enables children to write programs and then load them onto the BBC micro:bit.

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100 love dating uz

Category: Community Posjetite stranicu Bitty Software provide smartphone applications for use with the BBC micro:bit.

We also help you learn to code, and provide hands-on tutorials and guidance.

Category: Contributor Posjetite stranicu Coder Dojo has hosted a number of standalone BBC micro:bit events across the UK and integrates the use of micro:bit into Coder Dojo sessions, encouraging the community to build challenges for the micro:bit that include interfacing with other devices.

Category: Training Posjetite stranicu Insight Resources publish software and curriculum materials for science and technology education.

is a success story created by the people of Lithuania and the Lithuanians living abroad: our grandparents, great-grandparents, parents, and us.

Many of us still cherish in our families live memories of the signatories, diplomats, farmers, freedom fighters, priests, athletes, teachers, the Righteous among the Nations, members of Sąjūdis, scientists, or the volunteers. What we celebrate now is not one date but the entire century of the success story created by us all.

The Festival is the Olympic Games of songs and leaves everyone a winner with truly positive emotions.

CENTENNIAL ACHIEVEMENTS AND HEROESInformational and audio-visual products as well as information campaigns inspiring pride in one’s country, engaging in the Centennial celebration, and increasing the global visibility of Lithuania.

We believe that in today's highly connected world, it's essential to learn about both coding *and* about wireless communications and so our work and applications are centred around the use of Bluetooth, a highly ubiquitous wireless communications technolology which is supported by the BBC micro:bit and most smartphones and tablets.

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