Updating your home with painting techniques

I primed first, then did 2 coats of Satin Ralph Lauren paint called Turret Stair (you can get Ralph Lauren paints at Home Depot). I used a small foam roller and a 1 or 2” brush to get into the crevices. You can see I only painted to the edge of the lip inside the cabinets and the same with the drawers and kept the insides white.

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Several of you asked me about painting these white laminate cabinets, so I thought I’d do a little post on that.

These are indeed white laminate cabinets, as are my kitchen cabinets.

I’ve painted several cabinets, but this was the first time I’ve had laminate, so be sure to prime them well first and it should work out great. I do have laminate doors in my kitchen too and may end up painting them one day if they end up getting beat up.

Laminate is bad about getting nicks around the edges of the doors, so I think painting them would seal them up and make them last longer.

Often overlooked due to its remote location but we found some cracking little-secluded coves and practically empty sandy beaches.

Artist’s have always been drawn to […] After a long drive we arrived at Laundry cottage in the pitch black, the only sound was running water from the nearby waterfall.

I couldn’t resist a quick pen sketch of the row of chimney […] “I’m not getting on.” “You have to get on.” “I don’t, I’m not going.” 5 minutes earlier, you could have mistaken us for locals, idly chatting to a friendly looking Italian who had informed us we needed to take the Linea Arancio (Orange line) to San Marco. You don’t need to drive out to the country to draw from life, from an artistic point of view, urban settings have just as much appeal!

The […] Hi, my name is Will and I am an art material addict.

Sketching your surroundings can be such a fantastic way to create a visual diary of your daily experiences and I’m always a sucker for a sketch of a bike.

This video tutorial looks at how you can use different thicknesses […] I’ve just finished creating a new sketching course taking some of my drawing techniques out of the studio into the countryside.

I think the bases are probably wood, but the doors are definitely laminate (that plasticy material). I painted this 3 years ago and it still looks great.

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