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Preparing Students for Careers and College Through Noncredit Enhanced Funding August 2017 The report on the Career Development and College Preparation (CDCP) Program and Noncredit Enhanced Funding details the role of the California community colleges in enhancing students' basic education and employment skills.

This 2016-17 report provides details on the approved noncredit Career Development and College Preparation (CDCP) programs and courses that result in certificates of completion and certificates of competency.

The program invests in the skills of California’s workforce.

2018-19 Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan July 2017 The Governor of California annually submits a five-year capital infrastructure plan to the Legislature in conjunction with the governor’s budget.

To accomplish this, every entity of state government is required to provide to the Department of Finance information related to capital infrastructure needs and costs for a five-year period.

This report summarizes how the program furthers the mission of the California Community Colleges and specifically its commitment to the effective use of technology in education.

Also included in this report are program highlights, financial charts and future program direction.

This task required that the agencies: define the specific data each consortium shall collect; establish a menu of common assessments and policies regarding placement of adults seeking education and workforce services into adult education programs to be used by each consortium to measure educational needs of adults and the effectiveness of providers in addressing those needs; establish agreements to share data related to effectiveness of consortia between their agencies and with other state agencies; and identify the measures for assessing the effectiveness of consortia that will be used in reports to the legislature.

This report addresses the above requirements by providing a description of reporting elements and processes, data definitions, and assessment policies.

This report of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office provides information needed for a five-year capital outlay plan identifying the statewide needs and priorities of the California Community Colleges.

2017 Nursing Educational Programs Report April 2017 The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office is pleased to present the 2017 Nursing Educational Programs Report.

This report provides information on funding for nursing programs, admission criteria, statistics on student attrition and license exam passage rates, among other data.

Colleges with nursing programs receive funding through general apportionment/FTES.

2016 Equal Employment Opportunity Report December 2016 The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office is pleased to present the 2016 California Community Colleges Equal Employment Opportunity report.

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