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It also has a shitty "Private Message" feature which allows one to private message any of the weeaboos, pedophiles, or any other sick fuck you could imagine in a one on one chat.

Just like any other service on the Internet, Chatango's users have developed a somewhat unique but utterly familiar culture.

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There's some memes, to be sure, but mostly they're imports, smuggled in from b/ by some enterprising Chatango player.

These smugglers quickly become the most popular members of any Chatango room, having the most "internet experience", along with those who own shitty "Originals." Encyclopedia Dramatica plays a role in this game of dominance.

Ritchie, “Principles of Engagement” (261-278) Portwood-Stacer, “Constructing Anarchist Sexuality” (479-493) Seidman, “Identity and politics in a ‘postmodern’ gay culture” (105-42) Jakobsen, “Queer Is? ” (511-536) Davis, “Situating ‘Fluidity’” (97-130) Schlichter, “Queer at last?

It is based on others’ previous ending thoughts, but ultimately they are my own.

The ease of use invites many budding weeaboos and the customization features attract attention whores.

Anyone can make a free account, and anyone with an account can create a room (similar to an IRC channel) and use some sharp HTML to embed a chat widget in their webpage.

Simple drama-induction schemes like discussing philosophy, science, religion and whatever controversies are relevant to the particular Chatango room's audience are the recommended route of action.

Messing with the actual Chatango mechanism is pretty straightforward too.

Because usernames stolen from cartoons and video games are totally worth monetary value!!


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