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[Note: All ammunition is offered as collector's items only.No guarantee is made concerning its safety or fitness for use in any firearm.(344 pages) Part One covers Federal rifle musket and smoothbore ammunition.

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Well, with this reasoning, they can always win the argument: “if you open an old ammunition container and the ammo is not in good condition, THEN it has not been stored properly”.

US shooters, being the main military surplus ammo market in the world, must have seen all kinds of things happenning to old military ammunition.

The Army’s effectiveness in performing these functions determines the stockpile’s readiness.

The services own 80 percent of the total tonnage of ammunition stored by the single manager.

All ammunition sales must adhere to applicable Federal, State and Local laws.

] NOTE: We can not sell or ship ammunition to any residents of Kalifornia, Massachusetts or Illinois, or other states or localities run by liberal idiots. Vote the rascals out, or flee to freedom in another state while you still can!VOLUME 1, 1880-1939 REVISED - The definitive work for all types of Civil War small arms ammunition.Based on years of research and collecting specimens, Dean Thomas accurately identifies the ammo, where it was made, the contract details, how it was packed, and often, where it was shipped.And if it’s anything with a HE charge in the warhead, would you want to use it in combat after 60 years?That being said, I seem to remember that the troops in Desert Storm were using some 1940’s surplus 50BMG in machine guns, so apparently it’s good enough some of the time - but it’s been 20 years since that conflict…However, they held on to stocks of 55RG .303 well into the late 70s and it seemed to still be OK.


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