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I came home late from my first day of testing the i Phone X. But, what would it be like in public, on TV, when I hug my kids?


I haven't been so happy with the size and shape of an i Phone since the i Phone 5.

The nearly all-screen feel, when used properly by optimized apps, is fantastic.

You can also check out our After another week of living with the i Phone X as my main everyday phone, its size and design have won me over in lots of ways.

But the Face ID phone unlock process still feels labor-intensive compared to Touch ID i Phones.

And you, future i Phone X owner, might feel the same.

But tough it out -- because after a few days, you're probably going to like where you end up. 22: This review has been updated with detailed battery testing information.

is now a two-handed operation that's flat-out annoying.

But I'm fine with the flick-up home gesture and have gotten so used to it that I've started to try it on other i Phones and i Pads, where it doesn't work.

Because those older batteries are incapable of handling peak current draws with the same effectiveness of i Phones with newer batteries and more efficient processors, they run the risk of the device powering down to prevent damage to its internal components.

The same is true of devices running in extremely cold or hot weather, as evidenced by a recent kerfuffle with the i Phone X shutting down randomly in freezing temperatures. As battery life degrades, a smartphone’s ability to achieve the same performance with less efficient battery use degrades as well, and Apple has released updates to address that problem as best it can and avoid embarrassing device malfunctions or even potentially dangerous component failures.

Apple is effectively saying that it’s not slowing down older i Phones just to urge people to upgrade to newer devices.

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