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and Drupal, the percentage of out-of-date software was above 80%.” Further, to get good Word Press plugins, while some are free, a lot of them are “premium” plugins meaning that you will need to purchase them (this gets factored into our pricing analysis below).There is absolutely nothing wrong with paying for great tools, as in our minds, I’d rather pay as it holds the developer accountable for creating and maintaining the product.

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If you’re unlucky, your website could also get hacked.

If that happens, you could ask the developer of the plugin for help but keep in mind that: With Squarespace, everything is closely controlled, monitored and tested within their own environment.

This will give you peace of mind that your website will be conflict-free, so you can focus on more important things instead of fixing your website.

Further, their support team is there 24/7 to help you.

With Squarespace, it is a bit more restrictive when it comes to customizing a website, but it’s built in a way that it is a lot easier for a non-tech savvy person to learn how to use it. Meaning that when you drag and drop pictures, text, slideshows, etc directly into the website builder, you immediately get a glimpse of how the website will look like “live” as you are building the website.

With Word Press, when you are inserting information, you can’t see what it really looks like on the page until you preview the page or publish it.

While with Word Press, you can have access to thousands of different tools and plugins to help improve your website, you should be aware that a significant number of these Word Press tools may not be built by good developers.

If you do end up using some of these poor Word Press plugins, it may potentially cause conflicts with your website – resulting in poorer performance, cross-browser conflicts, or even crashing your website.

It’s also nice to know if you run into questions or problems, the Squarespace team will be there to assist.

Squarespace has made a commitment to answer all questions within 1 hour – you just don’t get that level of commitment from Word Press.

They suggested two interesting (and alarming) findings in their study: and over 50% of those websites were out of date.

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