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Other names for Hywel were Howel Dda King of Deheubarth, Howell Dha King of South Wales, Hywel the Good, Hywel ap Cadell ap Rhodri, and Hywel ap Cadell ap Rhodri Mawr King of Deheubarth.

Research Notes: Lawgiver of Cambria From A History of Wales, p.

It was his victory over the Northmen in 856 which brought him international acclaim..."...

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Rhodri became ruler of Gwynedd in 844 on the death of his father, of Powys in 855 on the death of his uncle, Cyngen, and of Seisyllwg in 871 on the death of his brother-in-law, Gwgon; he died in 878, king of a realm extending from Anglesey to Gower."A later generation of chroniclers hailed Rhodri ap Merfyn as Rhodri Mawr (Rhodri the Great), a distinction bestowed upon two other rulers in the same century--Charles the Great (Charlemagne, died 814) and Alfred the Great (died 899).

The three tributes are of a similar nature--recognition of the achievements of men who contributed significantly to the growth of statehood among the nations of the Welsh, the Franks and the English.

These pages represent the work of an amateur researcher and should not be used as a sole source by any other researcher. Corrections and contributions are encouraged and welcomed. Other names for Rhodri were Rhodri the Great, Rhodri Mawr, and Roderick "the Great." Birth Notes: May have been born sa late as 820.

Death Notes: Killed in a battle against the English (Saxons) in 878.

Victory: over Horm, the leader of the Danes (the Northmen), 856, Anglesey, Wales.

Became ruler: of Seisyllwg on the death of his grother-in-law, Gwgon, 871.Although Offa's Dyke had been constructed in order to define the territories of the Welsh and the English, this did not prevent the successors of Offa from attacking Wales...The pressure upon Powys continued; after 855, Rhodri was its defender, and he and his son, Gwriad, were killed in a battle against the English in 878."----------- From Wikipedia - Rhodri the Great : Rhodri the Great (in .Asser states that the smaller rulers of Wales asked him for his patronage and that Anarawd ap Rhodri, king of Gwynedd and Poweys, followed their example, abandoning his alliance with the Danish kingdom of York. 83:"According to Asser, the rulers of Dyfed and Brycheiniog feared the pwer of the sons of Rhodri, while the rulers of Gwent and Glywysing were threated by Aethelred, earl of Mercia.It is likely that his brother Cade3ll, ruler of Seisyllwg, did the same, and thus the king of Wessex became overlord of the whole of Wales. The recognition by Welsh rulers that the king of England had claims upon them would be a central fact in the subsequent political history of Wales." Cadell married Rheingar. When Alfred came to the throne in 871, the whole of England, apart from the southern rim of Wessex, was in the hands of the Danes but, as a result of his successes against them, Alfred came to enjoy great power and renown.In 894 Anarawd was able to repel a raid by a Danish host on North Wales, and the following year raided Death Notes: Killed by the Saxons. Although Offa's Dyke had been constructed in order to define the territories of the Welsh and the English, this did not prevent the successors of Offa from attacking Wales...


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