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Each team is asked to create an avant-garde outfit based on inspiration from their models' hair styles.

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The winner is dependent on who did the best according to the clients, and they are judged on time management.

Each designer is randomly paired with another designer and asked to select a team leader.

They are given $300 for materials at Mood, and two days to complete the design.

Designers and their art inspiration: All the designers gather for a reunion.

The four remaining designers are given five months and $8000 to create a collection of twelve looks for Fashion Week.

Three and a half months later, Tim visits each of the designers to assess their progress.

However, they will not be in contention for the finale win.

The designers arrive in New York and are asked to create a garment that best reflects who they are as a designer.

In 2014, Chris March appeared in the fourth season of All Stars, coming in 12th place out of 14.

: The judges declared a tie between Rami and Chris, and asked each to design a collection for Bryant Park; one of the two would be chosen to show at Bryant Park Fashion Week based on his three strongest pieces : Cheron, Anna Lita, Marie, and Jacqueline were used in this challenge to show off the designers' strongest pieces of their collection.

[on the appeal of Biff in the Back to the Future (1985) movies] People love the character because ultimately Biff is a failure.


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