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It’s as though there is some unspoken rule that a couple of hours of investment means you can go crazy.On that note, Swedish women are not particularly ‘easy’, but they are definitely not prudish either.

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So forget what a meme on the Internet told you because walking down the street in Stockholm is not borderline porn.

Swedish people could be described by some as a little shy.

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Now I know I have only been in Sweden a couple days (and will hopefully return permanently) but from reading various blogs and talking to Swedish girls, the dating system here is screwed up and really confusing.

First, I have to admit the American system is not good.

Sweden generally has a very cool concept of feminism, which means that women are very empowered but not obnoxious or unfeminine.

Embrace this attitude because it allows Swedish women to be very open and fun-loving, erasing a lot of slut shaming that occurs in other countries.

Many Swedish women are blonde, and many are attractive, but there are plenty of brunettes (not to mention immigrant Swedes) and attractive does not mean that the people are supermodels.


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