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f Omm *.:.i .v» »bi« m te.i‘ Orion Explorer IS'" Eyepieces foliabl E Per C’llianic Pemait Hahle Um Iup 1 Ani^CIri-tlii | *:1 fct) FTrtrt Is TTilpj rh- 1 n An$ t i L flv dimiim P gl4t.■ Unw ■? 5 i 5 «aih Ii 9 fl PENTAX S SMC XL Series Willi pb hi I-qvi-’eni Ifhf -icbligqribcii E-t*i ',■ 1 1 1 n a. hor example, when you call up a region from Real Sky — say. with nine discoveries in his credit, presents a “crash course" on comets, tells you exactly where to find Hale-Bopp In the ski throughout its ap- parition, and suggests what features and changes to look for in Us coma and tails 1 11 us trilled with black-and-white orbit di- agrams and finder charts. a $S9 95 ia is Va J4Pew« 2x-3&n;h H.r nr .*f Sji Jr pqll NW. What was once available only as photographic pi inti (costing its much as SIs.i KKj), and then as a digitally scanned version on 1 01 CD-ROMs (for about ,000), can now be had on eight CD-ROMs, from the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (for 3250; see the January issue, page 05). However, when combined with Soft- ware Bisque’s The Sky version 4.0 iso far, the only popular-level program thal can directly access the POii S images), the software takes on an added life. as amateurs begin to use this new re source, they are noticing ■some peculiar- ities. ,* S', l E«r I lb- Cl* Pun rtrf «-4hrr 1 l*i"i 1 i Hi! lire p;//www,ni isn etxom fodl Per use our VVrb site lor more infoniiiltioii on our design tonainiiinnit, past, recent, and rurnni ]ii o jeers Hurupran npirsrntitiiin. 2 so pages, 6 b\ 9 imiteir luirdcovef- An Observer's Guide to Comet Male- Bo pp iiy Don Machkolz l his expertly whiten liaridbuok for back- yard observers utters a muiith-by- month Illustrated guide In what promises to be the Great Comet of 1947 Comet hunter Machhnlz.

^r«H tgr du-al*ir^ pupcrsnsr Ps^toff Swck jp lltlflpl 965'’ Sinuss Pfossl Efmiimi' IDimn mm; 12.5mm rv. Left: Even the itaimugh Hubble Guide Siar Catalog, with its IS mi I linn stars, is missing a few. Hale- Ro|»|i cotiiseuverer Alan f relates the story of the cornels discovery, explains heuv to find Hale-Bopp in the xkv r and forecasts, what we might see during the peak of its display. brut ion, held at an outdoor shopping mull in Si ml Valley, Cilifitmia. Astronomy Day 1996 A CC’ORDl NG TO Ciary Tomlinson. One reason (or Tomlinson s pride must be last year’s winner: the Ventura County Astronomical Society (VCAS) of Si mi Valley.

Aii i3 *Ti Iff Mi «i Tl* fiilv ceiled £tfi« ai* «l»j Prw ri AUc I an*d£ld i^inin«ff T« ^uut'i'ij-; flilt c h i r-ntp-p- *’►■! Stephan’s Quintet in Pegasus — and then overly s the catalog positions, they don’t match. H2 pujfrv SI' by Everybody's Comet; A Layman's Guide to Comet Hale-Bopp By A l an i title With a magical personal touch. S 12.95 plus shipping, Skv Publishing Corporation Box 9 IIS, lid mom, M A 02 I 715-91 1 1 . SA 2-l-huur fax: 6t7-8fr-i-bn 7 fun- r.'ie witv iluvi, .n rhji h -mail; r iy I? ing success, reaching thousands of people And Tomlinson should know he's I he Astronomical League's As- tronomy Day coordinator and a judge for I he Sky A Teivscapt Astronomy Day Award.

Ifwui rftpuwi .y Per b Vf hpivirjy v-«m hii|w Mi.ilh-ITiiano fit* i Wtf Ullrl. Ji:ii Fully Sxf Uus J ifi Banorv Mv‘l4-d OMtidl ly r- ij F*a%I Iran E^r^Sinn .96ff' lx Bbrl«w r* vj $39 95 ■ 2 1 .2S' 2* Barltw r ^ $49 95.; - T in ixrtow f ? Will astron- omers find errors in the Hipparcos data? DEEP-SKY ISSUES Just as the GSC changed the face of astronomy software regarding stars, an- other innovation is under way wi Lh the introduction of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey ( POSS) for home use. In keeping with this commitment, Obw rs'a-Dtxmi." is online. " Includes 40 black-and-white pho- tos, illustrations, and charts.

Its availability will also heighten the play ' factor of ihe programs, as mouse- pad astronomers can take into account the space motion of stars. Upon registration, users will receive the program on a CD-ROM containing additional data and images ECUS new features include the Hubble Guide Shir Catalog of 3 5 million siari deep-sky objects drawn to proper oriental ton and scale, a database of 30, combine m li hn with tradition. For I m iller infriniuiiim call ui wille; LABORATORIES, INC. MS 39213 Phone ( 601 ) 982-3333 * Tdi Fr« (auoj M 7-5364 Fas: f 60 t) 9 H 2 ', I JJS * F-miil cdli M mi im&sm We am proud to an new nee tfic TORUS CC04 a Cl 4-m#t«r 1 14 id \ Cimeqriin research t&l&tcop* s yt Truti The TORUS CC04 iruenrpor tin the m**l advancer) hardware, toftwatc. 4 Absoluee optical qua My aseurancc Each optical ayitam is mpplied with interferometric certification # Fork mount is machined to very hind toieranc M from 600 t‘T 6 aluminum alloy and aasemibted with a U inlets slawl fasteners 4 Zero-backlash friction drives wilh Bitracudlrsary fracking and pointing capability ^ Torus Prttdsion Optics Ttriii Ptteitoan Opdtt. Introductory l, fun piffs on comet observations and sci- ence round out this mlornutive, enter- taining, anti definitive guide to "hairy stars.

Thomas Bisque of Software Biscjiie lias looked at catalog errors with regard to the Reai Sky CD-ROM for several months, since people began contacting his company with questions.”! Out Sky Publishing Catalog is your guide to the best of what's out there for enthusiasts of all levels, It features more than 200 fine books and products carefully selected by the editors of Sky & Telescope. Call toll free 800 - 253-0245 830 3 .m„-S p,m, Extern time, Mon.-fri. Sx-inch objective lenses, EBC coated high brightness optics and US M i Spec oonstrucboo make these ! n ill i n d‘i v.- ’.k y puh ■- ■ ■:i .' SKY Online Kli ww-iilypnii juml Images from the Hubble Space Telescope pocee Cagle Nebula Close-up (Mil s»f POO&9 Cats Eye Nebula i NGC 6543 1 Now you cu n have your own copies of some of Hubble's best shots. In addition to the dub's many educa- l tonal displays and booths, some mem- bers explained the use and function of i he ir telescopes nr showed off their as- tropholographs, while others answered questions on topics ranging from the Nubble Space Telescope and comets to ihe size of the universe.

tliitn 3 million "non pilar" entries, Although nmest of them Hire gulaxics, many are fflarimtfly nnncelesiial, sui h an these diifili^rd diffruclioh xpikes around 2.8-magnitijdfi Tan Scnrpii, [mage made with Voyager II. 94 Sky 5 Teftscope April 1997 'Hie vast number of available hooks, star atlases, computer programs, and other astro- no mica I products can make choosing Uic right ones diffi- cult, whether you're a veter- an backyard observer or a newcomer to the hobby. and C*vk ta, 1-61 7-S64-7M0) 5m' ptmaiii NX' curkmai[oputi.c:iini "UCV Onliiw http;/ /WTW Viypufr j.t.i m ) It found C/1 996 B2, Comet Hyakutake Even if H's iust a t Oth-magnilude smudge, as C/199G B2 was when discovered, you can am tiro your own comet with Fuimon's 25x150 and 40 ’SO — the most powerful binoculars n production. Members uf Uu VCAS set up their tele- Mopes, Sft the public could view Venus, as well as iht Sun, during Astronomy Day. many peo- ple said they could see Venus with I heir unaided eye. Clearly, the catalog will not he as large as the GSC The value of ihis project is not in the number of stars bin in its un- precedented accuracy, Stellar perai lions will he known to 0.02 arcsecond or bel- ter. Tis.'’ com mb pits ihftya -srwv njrusopfcs^oni i 5tale-or-(fie art computer^ controlled telescope drrve system with comprehensive •ctontific research futurn including complete aute- ri MHvn, remote ind robotke control, and ir Mernct c Om- mu mcaliorc arm control feilurti Torus Obtervilary hi Bwktoy. I Tie mission's two long-anticipated data- bases will embody precise positions and magnitudes for one million stars of llth magnitude and brighter. There are even more bizarre holes Ut the diit it If you direct your Ci SC capa- ble program to right Ascension l Th 2d' 1 , d cc I ; 11 a t ion 33 10 1 in H etc u I es { 2 1 K K ).( ) coordinates), you will find a l -long strip devoid of faint stars. As the pic- ture below illustrates, there arc “holes 11 around many naked eye stars because (he fields on the Schmid l plate-, were overexposed. The GSC also does not contain stars that are close to bright stars.


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