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I did have to go to settings and turn on camera and microphone options. You can take a still shot in 720p HD, or make a 720p HD video if you so wish.

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I have one complaint: the USB cable is a little short; however I had a 6' USB extension lying around my house.

Also, this cam will work on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 LTS (Linux). I purchased it from my local Walmart and have no regrets!

To get the address of a cam, click on that cam's link, right-click on the image, then select View Image. Copy that entire URL into the address field on the Web Cam Plus web interface.

Webcams must meet Web Cam-One's limitations: the images must be in JPEG format, they must be accessible through a web interface, and the webcam can't require the user to login to view it. To store up to 64 webcam addresses and to enter addresses using a web interface, purchase the Webcam Plus app.

The Cam can be operated by the viewer by clicking on the Control Cam button.

One of the most interesting times to view Beach Cam is during the weekend, when up to 150,000 people visit a day.This is a live, streaming HD webcam from Venice Beach, California, just south of Santa Monica.Venice Beach is an eclectic, funky, and definitely unique place where sidewalk vendors line the boardwalk selling their wares, many of the items homemade; and street performers entertain the passing crowds by performing their unusual talents.I installed this webcam on a pc using Windows 10 Home 64 bit operating system.There were no drivers to install; since Windows 10 automatically installed them.I went directly to Logitech's website and read their instructions before using it.


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  2. All models must be at least 18 years old at the time the photographs are taken.

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