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I also informed him that I have several websites about travel and thousands of friends to recommend his services if he is going to give us a very good price for this Cheap Bohol Tour Package. After the long negotiations, Kuya Dodong asked me to deposit a partial amount of P1,500 to his BPI Account for the reservation of the Hotel.In our case it’s Tierra Azul Hotel but you can also request if you have your own preference.

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The other two Starex Vans were used by his brother Kuya Jojo (who drove us during our Panglao-Dauis tour) and his cousin.

I’m not sure if it was one of her siblings or one of his relatives who used to sell Tempura to help in the family’s financial needs and that’s why he is also offering free Tempura snacks once you’re in Bilar-Loboc’s Man-made Forest. After my very satisfying Bohol experience together with my wife and friends, I always associate Cheap Bohol Tour Package with Kuya Dodong.

Cheap Bohol Tour Package is one of the commonly searched keywords when looking for the most affordable price before going to Bohol and I bet you’re going to see a lot of them over the internet claiming they are the cheapest but in truth, they are not.

Some of them are cheap it’s because they don’t bring you to many of the tourist spots of Bohol and/or you’re going to pay the entrance fee yourself.

All you need to do to avail the same Cheap Bohol Tour Package we got from Kuya Dodong is tell him that you got this information from Mark Maranga or

I already informed him to give the same price to my friends and those who visited my website.Asking for the ID’s and probing that he is not a scammer is already in the backburner.He was dressed in some kind of Barong/Filipino type of Shirt and looks formal.We are even discussing that we will not give all the money to him unless he shows us some identifications or business registration of some sort.Our paranoia ended when we saw Kuya Dodong who fetched us at Tagbilaran Port in Bohol.He asked for the full payment on the way to Loboc River because he is going to use the money for the entrances and lunch.


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