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He goes for a drink and gets into conversation with Maisie, who takes pity on him.The chat continues with Maisie explaining what the husbands were up to while he was servicing the wives.

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Before I talk in detail about my favorite, I’m going to introduce all six spankings, juxtaposing (and sometimes contrasting) images from the movie with text from the novelization… written by the director himself, John Sealey – a man of relatively little experience as a film director, though he did work as the production manager of the 1970 film version of There’s a Girl in My Soup, in which Peter Sellers threatens to spank Goldie Hawn.

The first sign that we’re in for some fun comes when a group of village wives are discussing the fact that there’s a new maid at the manor.

If this were a more sophisticated film, we might speculate that her motivation is to save the fox by nobly and self-sacrificingly distracting the Squire with a different kind of quarry.

As it is, we’ll just observe that this side of the Squire’s character was surely inspired by this 1974 story in the Daily Mail… and remember with eager anticipation that the Squire left home that morning to go out hunting…

Two of them have clear reasons for being spanked: one is the Squire’s wife, and he’s a regular client of the other, who is a professional lady.

The third girl’s motivation, as we’ll see, is a little less clear.

Of the six spanking scenes, four were also photographed for possible use in publicity material, and this was one of them. When Bob starts work, she loses no time in telling him that, according to the Squire, his wife ‘could do with a good spanking’.

In the event, this was the only spanking photo to be included in the movie’s pressbook (advising exhibitors on how to publicize it), and the film poster is notable for the complete absence of spanking: The weirdly inept poster for the US release was even less communicative about this recurring element of the film’s appeal… whereas the shower scene was illustrated for the benefit of prospective Belgian filmgoers, only with a slight amendment: Yes, the young, attractive Barry Stokes has taken over spanking duties from the (ahem) less young, less attractive Bob Todd! In case you want to judge for yourselves, here is Bob’s wife: She’s played by Penny Meredith, who is another of the film’s unspanked actresses: the Squire never catches up with her.

Bob has something else on his mind during this conversation with Prudence: In the novel, they’ve been specifically established as ‘very frilly panties’ in the previous scene, when she puts them on after being spanked.

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