Nice place to dating in kl

Panorama is the oldest gay Pub of Pattaya and naturally located in good old Boyztown. It was the 15th anniversary of Panorama already and this popular gay hangout is still running strong.

One reason for this unexpected and almost frightening silence: Miss Size is very, very active during the days and normally quite exhausted at night quite the opposite from when your now so old heroine was young half a century ago or so.

She has not gone out to Boyztown or Jomtien beach and therefore lacks adventures and juicy gay encounters that are worth telling in this obviously dyeing, formerly eternal gay blog. Read more When Phuong surprisingly sent Suzy Size a mail, your heroine was thrilled, indeed.

They have a pool table with TV screens showing English Premier League the more often.

Ali's bar is one of the oldest bar in the street, and it is a meeting point for the African community in Jakarta.

), cheap beer (around Rp25K for large bintang) and basic food (western snacks and street food dishes).

Equal Park is more of a live music venue, with reggae or rock bands every night.Pappa Cafe is getting old, and I wouldn't be surprised if it closed soon.Late at night, you'll always find a few people there though.If you are ready to spend a few extra rupiah, you could try those restaurants, still walking distance: Tiga Nyonya (for traditional Indo-Chinese cuisine), Abuba Steak (best-value steaks in Jakarta), Beirut Lebanon (Lebanese food), Samarra (awesome setting but average middle eastern food), Ya-Udah Bistro (German food, but the quality decreased recently) or Garuda (open 24h).You can find more information about Jakarta on these blog posts: Preparing a Weekend in Jakarta and Jakarta Nightlife Guide.It has air-con and the owner is very friendly but it's not a happening place.

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