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The dramatic hunting sequence will captivate viewers and is likely to draw comparisons to the award-winning snakes versus iguanas scene from Planet Earth II last year.

Series producer James Honeyborne said: 'It's one thing seeing a fish flying through the air, that's unexpected enough.'But then seeing a fish flying through the air and catching a bird in its mouth, wow... The fish launches out of the water with phenomenal speed and acceleration and catches this bird in mid-air.

This is the incredible moment a giant bird-eating trevally fish known as the god of the sea leaps from the ocean and catches a fledgling tern in scenes set to overawe viewers of Blue Planet II.

The rare footage shows the trevally stalking its prey underwater before jumping into the air and opening its enormous mouth in a stunning bid to secure its next meal.

In their study, fish oil supplements stimulated receptors in the digestive tract, activated the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for fight or flight responses), and prompted storage cells to metabolize fat in mice; the ones who ate food with fish oil gained 5-10 percent less weight and 15-25 percent less fat than the control mice.

The researchers believe in humans, fish oil supplements might help reduce weight gain later on in life.

Reduce Impact of Air Pollution A 2012 study suggests fish oil can help protect your heart against air pollution—good news for city dwellers, and great news for city dwellers who run on highly-polluted streets.

Researchers gave 29 middle-aged adults three grams of fish oil or olive oil every day for four weeks.

The fish, which can grow up to 5.5ft long and weigh more than 12 stone, spectacularly fails in its first attempt, missing the tern by several inches and plunging back into the water empty-mouthed.

But it later has more luck when it launches from the sea and acrobatically snaps a young tern with a sensational mid-air flip.

So those are occupying me at the moment.'Speaking earlier this year about why he has not retired, Sir David told the Radio Times: 'Who wouldn't be grateful for people coming up and saying, 'Would you like to go to Trinidad?

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