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Read the provided text and write a 300 word feedback paper on how this topic relates to you. Once you have emailed the assignment, move on to the next lecture.

The simple fact is, there could be a perfectly good explanation and talking it out could rectify the situation.

Some topics include: dealing with past baggage, healing from the past, financial wellness, career expectations, marriage role definition, family origins, family expectations, 5 love languages, conflict resolution…etc.

How you choose to accept your reflection will determine the condition of the relationship.

This is what Relationship University is all about...improving the reflection that you see when you stare into the mirror.

Make sure that you are completely honest and transparent while completing this questionnaire as this information will prove useful throughout this entire course.

Once you have received your score, proceed on to the next lecture.

Simply type on the line that you are attempting to complete.

If you want to save your results, you will have to save the pdf document to your computer and then complete it there.

Contrary to popular belief, relationships often end when an individuals personal problems become the main focus and main distraction of the relationship.

Relationships are robbed when an individual struggles to become their true selves.

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