How to sexchat using messages Sex chat online with avitar

Good SMS skills can get you a date and make your potential relationship blossom.

How to sexchat using messages-22

or any commercial related activities including – but not limited to webcam/skype shows/sexual activities/etc.

Do not spam/flood our channels repeatedly with same messages, intentions or large blocks of text. Do not write in all capital letters, our Bot will kick you for it and it is seen as rude behavior in a chat.

Do not use the neon colors to chat, as not all people can read them well.

(we know we offer them on the website but it is either offering them all or none at all and we wanted to let you chose at least some colors to distinguish yourself with) Keep sexual chat/role-play or graphical descriptions of fetishes into private messages or your own created channels. Respect each other and if another chatter tells you no, don’t press the matter. If you feel another user is harassing you in private messages, use the /ignore or /silence commands to stop them messaging you.

Do not bring bots or scripts which disrupt the chat into our channels, such bots/users will be banned.

Do not portray yourself as a gender you are not or impersonate another chatter.

Our channel rules will be enforced in our channels by our channel operators.

(You can recognize a channel operator by them having a symbol (, , , and ) behind their names and can be found at the top of the users lists.

(requests for private messages (PM) are allowed here.) #nsfw-pics: For trading pictures.


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  2. For more advice on how to date safely online you can read our free guide and advice page.

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