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The cairn with an encircling kerb, lies 4.0 metres west of the western end of the stone alignment.The mound measures 8.0 metres in diameter and 0.7 metres high and is surrounded by a kerb which includes 24 orthostats standing between 0.3 and 1.0 metres high, forming a ring with a diameter of 11.5 metres. Down Tor stone row, showing more detail of the ruined cist in the centre of the ring of stones ..... Solar alignments - NEED TO CHECK LOCATIONS BY GPS The monument and nearby features show alignments with the sun at mid-summer and mid-winter solstices.Site of the Medieval settlement of Middleworthy, first documented in 1281, now known as Middleworth, where in medieval times there were longhouses running up and down the slope.

The stone alignment is in direct line with another cairn at SX 5919 6944 which is the subject of a separate scheduling (SM 24122). Mid-winter sunset occurs over the rocks of Hingston Tor at SX 58597 69185, south-west of the circle.

It seems that a marker for mid-winter sunrise has not been noted.

View from behind the rock, showing Sheep's Tor and the flat ("yellow") ground to the left where we saw the cist on 25th August 2017 ..... View from a higher level approach to Cuckoo Rock - reached by turning left after Deancombe and climbing up through the old "ridge and furrow" fields that were seen from across the valley on 25th August 2017 ..... This monument includes a single stone alignment and a cairn situated on a saddle between the north-west flank of Eylesbarrow and Down Tor.

The alignment is orientated from east-north-east to west-south-west, although it does not form a perfectly straight line, being bowed to the north to a maximum of 2.5 metres off alignment.

There is an extensive wall in the form of a two-limbed arc about 100 metres to the west of the circle that extends for about 330 metres.

If markers were positioned along it at appropriate intervals then it would constitute a form of calendar, similar to that at Merrivale (see 25th February 2017).South West Lakes Trust notice board just left of where the previous photograph was taken. Entrance to Middleworth Lane with the early morning sun low in the sky - note the 3-step stile in the wall on the right. A short walk up the lane reveals a "bay" in the wall on the right, at SX 56948 69228 - this photograph is taken looking back towards the car park ..... also looking back towards the car park, with the "bay" on the left and a field gateway on the right ..... view from inside one the old field, looking at the "bay".Apparently, this was a manoeuvring place to enable a horse and cart to turn into the field from the narrow lane.A hollow in the centre of the mound suggests partial early excavation or robbing. note the impressive tinners' gert to the right, where the ground was truly dug over in the effort to extract tin, typical of many Dartmoor valleys ..... The mid-summer sunrise aligns with the axis of the stone row and the large cairn beyond, at SX 5920 6945.Two tin prospecting pits lie immediately against the western edge of the kerb and form part of a wider group. When viewed from the centre of the circle (where there is a burial cist) it then sets over the smaller cairn at SX 58642 69315, north-west of the circle.Previous walks in this area: 4th October 2007, 5th February 2009, 2nd September 2010, 7th July 2011, 22nd October 2014 and 25th August 2017.

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