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Once you’re out on your date it’s important to have fun, but keep a clear head.If you drink it’s smart to put a one or two drink limit on yourself.

Indeed, some people are dishonest about their relationship status, while others might have a criminal past that they are hiding. phone numbers in our reverse phone number lookup database, you can check anyone’s number and see if any comments have been left about him or her.

After you’ve chatted with a few singles online you might decide that you’d like to meet with one in person. Our database has compiled hundreds of thousands of names as well as thousands of user comments to help you find out whether your upcoming date is a total catch or a dud. The negative comments identify everyone from cheaters to scammers to the more serious stalkers.

Having decided on a public place to meet and telling a couple of friends or family members of where you’ll be, you’ve covered all your bases so far.

If you’re driving to the date try and get to the meeting site a few minutes beforehand and try not to park too close to the location.

If you feel that someone is trying to scam you it's best to report them to the dating site that you met them on, and file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Sometimes people might be lying about their identity not to scam you out of your money, but for other reasons.A major red flag with these bots is if they send you a strange link and ask you to click it. This link could put malware on your device and allow scammers to access your information.Aside from robot scammers, there are also human scammers lurking on dating sites.provides a quick quiz that you can take to see if you might be involved in a romance scam, and also many resources for those who suspect that they may have already fallen victim to a romance scam.They have a database of scam profiles for you to keep an eye out for.This extra step will prevent your date from seeing your license plate and car model.


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