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A day of dancing through the village - an annual celebration of Morris Dancing in a tradition dating back 500 years.Bampton has three world-renowned Morris Dance teams.There are two pubs in Bampton that serve food: The Romany Inn and The Horseshoe.

The boundary described may thus have excluded the north-eastern corner of the later parish, but there is no further evidence for boundary changes in that area, and deponents may, as in Ducklington, have cited a convenient road merely as an approximate landmark. 20) From Elm Bank ditch, called the brook of Aegel's spring in 958, the boundary of the ancient parish followed a complex series of field boundaries between the later Claywell and Newhouse Farms, partly described in a 10th- century account of Ducklington's boundaries; (fn. 23) Combe Hill, in Lew township's southern part, was said in 1708 to be tithable to Yelford, but remained part of Bampton and later of Lew parish. 24) The ancient parish was mostly flat and low lying (.

21) from there it followed the line of early roads towards Shifford and Brighthampton, preserved in a notably straight stretch of Aston township's eastern boundary near Yelford, and in Shifford township's straight northern boundary. 22) The ancient parish's eastern boundary with Standlake remained ill defined until the 19th century except through Brighthampton hamlet, where it followed tenurial divisions; a new boundary was established at Standlake's inclosure . 65-70 m.), though a steep rise near Lew's southern boundary, reflected in early furlong names, (fn.

Much of the parish's southern part lay on alluvium, (fn.

26) which flooded frequently but provided some rich meadow and pasture; a large tongue of alluvium between Aston and Cote, used as commons until inclosure, reaches the parish's north-eastern edge.

Lew village, Lower Haddon Farm, and houses along Weald Lane lie on clay, though most settlements, including the core of Bampton town and the outlying sites of the castle and the Beam, are sited on gravel terraces composed of Summertown-Radley or Flood Plain Terrace deposits.

Gravel also underlay some of Weald's and Aston and Cote's open fields, and in the 19th century provided soils of varying quality.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying. All those townships are treated below, and Brighthampton, divided between Bampton and Standlake until the 20th century, is treated under Standlake.

Bampton, Weald, and Lower Haddon, called townships in the Middle Ages (fn. 9) Burroway, an area of meadow by the Thames also treated below, was artificially delineated in 1851 as an extraparochial area of 31 a., evidently less than its earlier extent.

Pages 6-8A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 13, Bampton Hundred (Part One).

Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1996. 3) was the largest in Oxfordshire, comprising 11,238 a. 4) and including the townships or hamlets of Bampton, Weald (from an early date physically part of Bampton), Lew, Aston and Cote, Shifford, Chimney, and Lower Haddon, the last three all shrunk or deserted settlements.

Along the southern boundary, the Thames splits into numerous small streams, a feature which has prompted comparison with the Dutch polderlands, and which was reflected in medieval fieldnames such as Rowney, described with adjoining meadows in the 13th century as an 'island'. 27) The parish's northern part, including most of Lew and Lower Haddon townships, lay chiefly on Oxford Clay, which caused drainage problems but provided some 'strong corngrowing land', (fn.


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