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in a magazine interview [which might have been made up by the writer], CC says her first g/g was with Nina De Ponca (or Da Ponca), and this might be it. Her second scene is with Jon Dough, dressed in the Boy Scout uniform [though he? Both scenes are also recycled in All Night Long, though the beginning of Carol's scene with Wallace is again not shown.) For the front and back covers and spine, go here: (July 1, 1989 ?

To see it, go here (it's the last pic in the post): #Hershe Highway 2 (June 1, 1989 ? However, the large number of videos released after this one ? Since I picked up a copy of Digital Love in 1998, it had to be released that year or earlier. s first scene, with Mark Wallace, is from Cum Rain, Cum Shine, the first Carol Cummings Show video, which was released five months earlier.

Carol is on the front and back covers of the box of The Love Button, with shorter hair than in the video, wearing a diaphanous blue getup which is also not seen in the video, but Digital Love has unknown models on the cover who definitely do not appear in the video.)#Bet Black (July 1, 1989 ? The beginning of the scene in the CC Show version is not included. scout] which he wore in the CC Show videos, though this one wasn? And Carol is wearing the same pink, polka-dotted outfit as in her earlier scene with Wallace, so the second scene may have been shot for the CC Show, but never used.

She is incredibly cute when she's looking startled. (Later: I've decided to add pics of video box covers or slicks, as long as Ms.

And I'll add a vidcap of Carol in her short, brunette wig which I found online. Other pics from the same photoshoot of blonde Carol appeared in a different Euromag, and Labear79 has posted some of them here. p=487701&postcount=28 (I think there are more in the Euromag than in Labear79's posting, but I'll have to dig out my copy and compare before I can be certain.) I'm hoping that no more of my earlier posts will be deleted, and this time my 300th posting will hang on to that double-zero number. Cummings is not featured on the cover, and maybe that will ameliorate the eye-glaze effect. If the pic passes the "bikini test" -- doesn't show more of the lady's superstructure [pun intended; she has a super structure] than would be displayed if she were wearing a bikini -- I've left it alone.

Those usually had footage cut from the original, and even sometimes eliminated a scene altogether.

Since I don't have a copy of the Insatiable Gold edition, I don't know if Carol's footage is uncut, or even if some has been eliminated.Since I don't have a copy of the Insatiable Gold edition, I don't know if Carol's scene is uncut, or if it's even on the tape. Below are the back cover, right spine, front cover and left spine, with the back cover first to show the wraparound effect of whoever the blonde lady is on the video sleeve. The first row below has her on the front and back covers of the U. VHS edition, followed by the front and back of the same edition's promotions slick, which has a front cover very similar to the VHS video's box, but has a very different photo of the lady on the slick's flip side.Debbie Does 'Em All 3 (October 1, 1989 -- Barbara Dare is on the covers of the VHS and DVD editions, though the VHS covers show a bit more of that lovely lady's legs. This video came with a book with lots of informative pictures -- but none of them are of Carol or the other ladies in the video, alas! Unfortunately, the opposite side is in black and white.I haven't posted the video box's cover, but many thanks to Jakehikki, who has, here: (March 1, 1989 ? The article on Wikipedia (not a very reliable source, I know) claimed this [g/g with Frankie Leigh] was Carol Cummings' first video, which I doubt.IAFD gives the title of this one as just "Bustin' Loose," the words which are in big type on the video's box. The article is no longer on Wimpypedia, I should mention.To see the front and back covers and spine of the video's box, go here:


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