Consolidating data multiple sources

Halo Source features an easy to use tool that lets users consolidate data from multiple data sources.

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There will also be some data sources whose consolidation plans must be expedited because of external dependencies.

The consolidation plan must be flexible, but disciplined, since it is the nature of this type of effort to be complex, interdependent and subject to unexpected changes.

Halo Source offers tools to easily consolidate data from all your data sources into your staging tables.

Especially as companies grow or fuse with other companies, they often no longer store data in just one central location.

In the short-term, it may appear too complex to execute this kind of initiative; however, with the proper assessment, planning and use of available technologies and services, the return far outweighs the challenges of maintaining the status quo.

Blazent’s Data Quality solutions provide organizations with the flexibility to retain all existing data sources and still benefit from consolidation by intelligently merging multiple sources.

In Summary Consolidation efforts are a continuous requirement due to the massive organizational and operational burdens associated with the constant expansion of information sources and the data within them.

The costs of not maintaining this pattern of growth are unsustainable; efforts to consolidate data sources and simplify operations are not easy, but can reap significant savings and increase operational efficiencies.

Stagger the Data Source Consolidation Once the analysis and planning are complete, the actual consolidation of the data sources can begin.


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