Speed dating in the twin cities

Pescovitz also believes on-demand services will start using predictive models based on people's spending habits to deliver items to your door before you realize you need them — like an enhanced version of Amazon's Dash button.

100 years from now, "You start to see the city almost become sentient," he says.

To get a sense of what city life might look like in the future, Business Insider called on futurists, urban planners, and designers to weigh in on trends related to transportation, housing, automation, the Internet, the environment, and jobs.

It'll be a real-life version of Singapore's virtual twin city, which is just like Singapore, only completely datafied.

People could know in real-time how busy the trains are and which restaurants are the least crowded.

Two high-speed trains - one German, left, one French - in Paris.

The TGV high speed train and ICE Inter City Express was a significant collaboration between rival rail giants, France's SNCF and Deutsche Bahn Deutsche Bahn officials said the journey time from Cologne to London would be under four hours - less than the time it takes to get to Berlin, around four and a half hours: 'Passenger can choose which capital they prefer - yours or ours,' said one DB official.

Self-driving cars will know at all times which routes are the fastest based on data from other vehicles on the road, similar to how Waze users alert one another.

That means all forms of public and private transportation coordinate with one another simultaneously to keep the roads safe and efficient.Vehicles are electric, self-driving, and shared by residents. Dan Doctoroff, CEO of Google's transportation offshoot, Sidewalk Labs, has announced interest in building so-called "smart cities" — places where the Internet is baked into all aspects of the city.In such a city, the government could ensure all citizens have access to free high-speed Internet, and it can collect huge batches of data about transportation habits and infrastructure.and one of the largest network-owned station groups in the country.Click here for WCCO-TV news stories Send us your breaking news tips here Contact WCCO-TV anchors and reporters Check out Good Question Send us your weather and news photos Get information on […]Welcome to News Radio 830 WCCO on CBSMinnesota.com!Full On-Air Schedule Monday-Friday 12 a.m.-2 a.m.: Al Malmberg 2 a.m.-4 a.m.: Beyond Reality Radio 4 […]Former Gov.

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