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At the time, scientists pegged the fossils as roughly 40,000 years old.

Almost half a century later, Hublin and his team from the Max Planck Institute decided to dig deeper — literally.

The finding means archaeologists and anthropologists may have an entirely new area of terrain to explore further.

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Further digging gave way to a nearly-complete skull.

As word about the discovery spread, researchers flocked to the area and uncovered more remains, including several pieces of jaw bone and a fragment of an arm.

Most people don't spend their free time imagining what it would be like to get on the subway and sit across from a 300,000-year-old person.

But anthropologist Jean-Jacques Hublin isn't most people.

By excavating the soil beneath the initial discovery, they found remains that appeared to belong to at least five individuals with skeletons that closely resembled those of modern humans.

They also found a set of flint blades which showed signs of having been burned, perhaps by a cooking fire.Layton loves football and is a bit of a lad and Layla prefers time alone and hates sports.Growing up with her aunt, Layla first began questioning her sexuality when she was 13, originally identifying as bisexual and then wondering if she could be transgender as she felt uncomfortable with her feminine body."It really sets the world alight in terms of the possibilities for understanding the evolution of Homo sapiens," Sonia Zakrzewski, an associate professor of archaeology at the University of Southampton, told Business Insider in June."It certainly means that we need to rethink our models." Hublin is one of several anthropologists and archaeologists who are combing the planet for evidence that could rewrite various aspects of ancient human history.Using a dating technique that measures how much radiation had built up in the flint since it was heated, Hublin and his team concluded that the bones belonged to people who lived roughly 300,000 to 350,000 years ago — or 100,000 years earlier than the first Homo sapiens were thought to emerge.


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