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" Tina moaned as Alice reached for the nozzle "Are you ready, Tina? Alice squeezed the bag, seeing it was almost empty. "I think I've got to go now," Tina said, wincing, gritting her teeth.Hold it in a little longer." "But I'm getting cramps." "Here, this'll help," Alice said, reaching under to gently massage Tina's swollen belly. She knew quite well how much her lover enjoyed being spanked, frequently spanking Alice herself.

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"Yeah, I always liked coming here." "It's so great that your aunt let us use it." "Aunt Nancy is a very generous person." Tina now squirmed up against her new girlfriend, a sassy smile on her face. "It's for taking douches and enemas." Tina was startled. But the thought of getting into some new games with her hot new lover overcame any second thoughts she might have had.

"And little does she know that her niece's roommate also happens to be her lover, that we not only share a room back on campus, but share some hot, hot pussy! " Alice said, giving her lover a wet, luscious kiss. Then Tina turned her attention again to the interior of the charming cottage. Tina, curious, started rummaging through the contents of the box. "Sure," Alice said cheerfully, "let's take this box into the bathroom." They carried the box into the master bathroom.

Tina, curious and snoopy, opened a closet in Nancy's bedroom. Finally, on the floor in the very back of the closet Tina noticed a cardboard box, with some curious rubber tubing visible. Tina was nearly panting with anticipation "I'm new to all this, Alice, so you've got to show me the ropes." "I think I still remember.

"You know, we really shouldn't--" Alice said half-heartedly. Why don't you get in the tub and I'll start off by douching you." Alice got inside the tub and spread her legs wide apart, revealing her pussy.

"Mmmmmmh, that feels real nice," Tina purred, spreading wide and showing off. " Tina cooed, laying her sexiest smile on Alice, "It'll be my first, and I'm so curious to see what it's like." "Are you sure you want to try it? "You know it's not like a douche where you just get rinsed out.

"You look so sexy with your pussy all wet like that," Alice whispered excitedly staring down, licking her lips. With an enema you get really filled up." "Well, fill me up and let me feel what it's like," Tina said, frisky as an alley cat as she turned around and wiggled her cute trim bottom at her girlfriend.

"Show me around." Alice gave Tina a tour which quickly ended in the guest room where they wasted no time tearing off their clothes and making a meal of each other. "Let's have a look," Alice said, bending down with Tina, as curious as Tina now, all reservations about snooping through her aunt's personal things having vanished. Inside was an assortment of rubber bags, tubes and nozzles. Both were still wearing robes they'd put on after the shower they'd just taken.

Many orgasms and a warm shower later, they were up again, continuing the tour of the house. Now they tore off the robes, leaving them stark naked again.

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"Hold yourself open," Alice said as Tina reached back to spread 'em. "Mmmmm, I love your ass so much," Alice whispered as she reached over to give Tina a big kiss. "You're going to love this," Alice said as she released the clamp. "I'm starting to feel kind of full." "That's how you're supposed to feel," Alice said, looking up at the bag and seeing that maybe half the enema had flowed inside her lover's bottom.


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