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The British, in Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, and other places, brought in Indian and/or Chinese men to be the plantation or other business managers.The British brought many Muslim Indians from Bengal to Rakhine because Bengal was close and convenient.

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but even so, not many people take the trouble to enter, not even the schizophrenics cared for in the community or homeless Syrian migrant families (actually, mainly Albanians) who hold out paper cups to passers-by for alms.

has rendered art trivial, no more than a kindergarten activity for adults who want to feel special and whose thirst for self-expression is greater than anything they have to express.

They know – from bitter experience that the Muslims have NO respect for the Buddhist people and culture, and will destroy any Buddhist temples, monasteries, and holy places – as has happened already in parts of Rakhine.

Below, I will explain why even Bangladesh hates the Rohingya, and will not help them, or let them live in Bangladesh.

Rakhine, (also spelt Rakhaing), and Arakan basically mean the same thing, and refer to the culture, language, ethnicity, and continuously populated homeland of the Buddhist people of the area.

Rohingya is a new name for the more recent Muslim immigrants who were formerly called Bengali Muslims, or Chittagong Muslims (which indicate their roots). The capital of Rakhine State is Sittwe (old name Akyab).

The largest historical archeological site is Mrauk U, the last great Rakhine capital (1430-1784) at it’s time one of the richest cities in Asia.

Bangladesh is a new country (1971), originally part of various ancient ‘Indian’ Hindu or Buddhist kingdoms, later Muslim conquests brought Islam, then it became part of the British Indian Empire, gained independence in 1947 as East Pakistan (as one country linked with West Pakistan 1000 miles away) and became independent as Bangladesh in 1971.

These managers – instead of hiring local Rakhine people to work – sent for thousands of their fellow Muslim Bengalis to come and work.

Most of these Bengalis were influenced by the Islamic Faraidi movement in Bengal at that time (late 1800s) which was based on the ideology of the Wahhabis of Arabia (this is before the Saudi tribe took over and named Arabia after themselves).

The second largest ruined city and temple site in Burma – Mrauk U – is in Rakhine State, and is the spiritual center of the Rakhine identity.


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