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Your picture, unless backed up by a killer written profile, can make or break you. Basically, all of your photos should not be headshots, nor should all of your photos be far away. – No photos of you taking a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror with your cell phone. Pictures with your shirt off, unless it’s a beach/swimming picture, scream narcissism. – No photos of yourself with women draped all over you. A woman seriously looking for a husband will do the following: (1) judge the sluttiness of the women in the picture. (2) judge the prettiness of the women in the picture. (4) think of you as the kind of man who has way too many female friends. The only exceptions to this are photos of you with female relatives (mom, grandma, sisters, aunts, cousins). – Unless you have jacked up teeth, include some photos of you smiling. Women do not find photos of you with a gangsta scowl inviting. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO PROM PICTURES.) – No photos of you badly groomed, unless it shows an appealing part of your personality. It lasted 3 months.”) (5) Brevity is the soul of wit. Don’t treat it like a diary, like your shrink, or like your creative writing class. Write crisply, clearly, vividly, and authoritatively. So here are my recommendations about photos: – The more photos, the better. If they’re better-looking than her, you’re also toast. Oh, and (5) if the women in the photo are beneath the woman looking at your photo, then you’ve preselected yourself out of the running. – No photos where you have clearly cropped out the girl on your arm. Do not write Facebook type stuff like “on the top of a mountain!!!!!!

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Pretty much every guy lists “God, my family, my friends, my health” as four of the things they are most thankful for – and yes, they list them using those exact words.

To avoid sounding like a cliche, find more descriptive ways to list those same things – or find something else to list. Writing “the ability to breathe God’s beautiful fresh sunshine air” is NOT sexy.

(2) Your profile is also like a cover letter, so show your personality.

Resumes are like the structure of a building, while cover letters are the inner decor.

Two people can decorate the same house in completely different ways.

So while, for example, at e Harmony everyone has the same type of information on their profiles, the way you express yourself can make the difference between her seeing you as a lame tool or as a cool guy.

If a Korean person has strong facial features it’s a little easier to tell (it’s not really the eyes so much as it higher, more defined cheekbones, and a stronger jawline (in men).

When the Korean person has softer features I have a MUCH harder time. Whether you did great or did terribly, it's always interesting to see the differences between people.

Typos in profiles are as much death as they are in a professional resume.


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