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We were able to provide that place of peace, set apart for these people to come away, get refreshed, meet others involved in the struggle and learn better ways to FIGHT this terrible battle.“Thanks to the Mount Hermon team for all the amazing work each of you put in to host such an incredible weekend. We have returned home refreshed and inspired in many ways.

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This site has been operational for over 10 years and has lent support to thousands with Herpes Simplex Virus and given them an opportunity to find an ideal match.

This site has also made a significant contribution towards herpes dating in the Bay Area.

In addition to providing financial and emotional support, these support groups also give critical information pertaining to Herpes treatment centers and herpes dating.

Herpes is a sensitive issue and can emotionally break a person.

In early May the second FIGHT Conference was held at Mount Hermon.

140 advocates, faculty, exhibitors, vendors and even some survivors were in attendance.

I’m so thankful to the staff at Mount Hermon who have been so kind and cared so much about this issue. ” Plans are already underway to offer this conference again in 2015.

We’ll be moving the date to the fall (October 23-25) to better coordinate with other area anti-trafficking events.

”“Thank you for all of the hard work and energies in putting together this conference!


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