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The bishop has no restrictions in distance for each move, but is limited to diagonal movement.

Bishops usually gain in relative strength towards the endgame as more pieces are captured and more open lines become available on which they can operate.

A bishop can easily influence both wings simultaneously, whereas a knight is less capable of doing so.

In Lithuanian it is the rikis, a kind of military commander in medieval Lithuania.

A rook is generally worth about two pawns more than a bishop (see Chess piece relative value and the exchange).

A knight check cannot be blocked but a bishop check can. However, a "bad" bishop need not always be a weakness, especially if it is outside its own pawn chains.

Furthermore, on a crowded board a knight has many tactical opportunities to fork two enemy pieces. In addition, having a "bad" bishop may be advantageous in an opposite-colored bishops endgame.

The bishop is capable of skewering or pinning a piece, while the knight can do neither. This allows the player to control squares of both colors, allows the bishop to move freely among the pawns, and helps fix enemy pawns on squares on which they can be attacked by the bishop.

A bishop can in some situations hinder a knight from moving. Such a bishop is often referred to as a "good" bishop.

Less experienced players tend to underrate the bishop compared to the knight because the knight can reach all squares and is more adept at forking.


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