Dating services for multiple sclerosis

That was five years ago and we are still dating at this time. It was early June that you were scratching my back and I noted a difference on how my shoulder felt. I honestly don’t remember, did I say anything to you about that at the time?

You did the bulk of the work, obviously, as it was your body that was affected by these problems but I did try to be mindful of your feedback to me as we were out and about on those two days.

I also tried to think ahead a little bit in terms of planning rest stops and not biting off too much at one time.

Did you ever want to simply “bail” on the relationship?

I recall feeling a bit confused and uncertain about the matter.

** I believe you had mentioned your experience with optic neuritis that occurred some years before I met you, and the fact that that episode was a possible indicator of MS. In high school and college, I’d played the cello and thus remember learning about Jacqueline Du Pre, a well-known cellist who had MS.

I think this came up not long after you had a swimming accident. I recall participating in money-raising events for MS in elementary school as well.

**It can be a significant issue for folks living with MS to tell their friends or dates about their diagnosis.

When was the first time I mentioned the possibility of MS to you?

Not just the persons who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but those around us who share in this experience.

Last week I interviewed my mother to get her perspective on this disease.

We eventually decided to take a bus and I think you and I both agreed it was the right decision.

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