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Visitors are expected to comply with these requirements. No tank tops, see-through clothing, low-cut articles of clothing exposing the upper torso, miniskirts or mini-dresses, or any form of seductive garments will be allowed.

Visitors must park their vehicles in the designated Visitors’ Parking area.

The vehicle’s keys should be removed from the vehicle and then locked.

Adults will be responsible for the behavior of minors in their company.

Children will not be left unattended on institutional grounds. Special Management Unit offenders — Extended Lockdown Level 2 offenders; offenders who test positive for and/or are found in possession of drugs; offenders who refuse to submit to drug testing; offenders who have received contraband during the visiting process; and offenders who have had a certified drug dog alert to the presence of drugs on their person or property in a drug detection booth, will be restricted to non-contact visiting.

In accordance with Department Regulation #C-02-008, Offenders who have a current or prior conviction for a sex crime involving a minor child family member, or who have a documented history of sex abuse with a minor child family member, are ineligible to visit with any minor child, including their own biological or step-child.

Offenders who have a current or prior conviction for a sex crime involving a minor child who is not a family member are ineligible to visit with any minor child.Minor spouses or emancipated minors (Marriage Certificate/Judgment of Emancipation required as proof) are not required to have adult escorts. The requirements for such visits are as follow: Offenders will be allowed one visit per day with up to four adult visitors (only two visitors for SMU offenders.) Visits will take place in the Visiting Room.Visitors may greet and bid the offender farewell with a non-passionate kiss and must be done so that others are not offended. However, physical contact between the offender and adult visitors, other than holding hands, is not allowed. Approved visitors will be allotted two visits per month.Individuals traveling with visitors, but not visiting, must wait in their vehicle.Other than the designated visitor areas, neither visitors nor their traveling companions are allowed access to the facility beyond the visitor’s parking lot. Pass the I-12 interchange going north and take the Pearl River Exit. Individuals improperly or inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to visit.


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  2. This party is in conjunction with Senior Dining's daily noon meal.

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