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It produced a certificate from the university as evidence of its claim. With the notice was a letter issued by Cambridge University..which its vice chancellor…clarified that Rahul was a student at Trinity College from October 1994 to July 1995.She also said that he was awarded M Phil in developmental studies in 1995,” writes Ramachandran.Sonia and her family have been resolute in their silence on her medical condition despite speculation…that she is suffering from some kind of cancer…It can be argued that her health is a matter of public interest given that she is the de facto head of the Congress-led coalition government…In the same way Rahul Gandhi’s educational qualifications are of importance to the public at large as he is perceived to be a future prime ministerial candidate of the Congress and is a Member of Parliament.” After Cambridge, Rahul Gandhi worked for three years with consulting firm Monitor in London.

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Even as the world speculates on what kind of enhanced role — in party of government — Rahul Gandhi will play from now on, nobody really knows what the heir-apparent (or is it apparent heir? What he thinks, what he believes, and what he is as a person. Where did he work before joining politics full time? What does he think about the current state of the Indian economy? Why hasn’t he given any interviews to the media since 2005?

Beyond cameo roles (Salman Khurshid's choice of words was better when talking about Rahul than about Arvind Kejriwal), and occasional utterances ("I am your soldier in Delhi", he told Orissa tribals in 2010), Rahul Gandhi has been a black box. What does he think of the government which his mother Sonia runs through remote control? These are questions both personal and professional that Indians would love to have answers for.

Aarthi Ramachandran answers some of these questions in her new book “Speaking to young children at the opening of a science fair at a Delhi school in November 2010, he (i.e.

Rahul) told them how he was scared of darkness when he was young as he felt it held “ghosts” and “bad things”.

“It has been widely reported in the Indian media and some foreign publications that Rahul took courses in economics at Harvard,” writes Ramachandran.

“Neither Rahul nor Harvard officials have confirmed this.

As Ramachandran points out, “When Rahul entered Delhi’s prestigious St Stephen’s College in 1989 after finishing his schooling, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) claimed his admission, under the sports quota for his skills in rifle shooting, was invalid.

The allegation appeared to be that with 61 percent marks in his school-leaving examinations, Rahul was not academically bright enough to enter the college.

Rahul was with Monitor from June 1996 to early March 1999.


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