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Her superior Smoker reminded her that he doesn't trust the Shichibukai and believes that pirates are pirates.

Tashigi now believes that the Shichibukai are nothing more than pirates and that they cannot be trusted.

However, it is not clear whether this was an intentional redesign or simply a result of the author's continually evolving art style and the length of time she had been out of the spotlight.

After the timeskip, her hair is much longer and now pinned up by a clip.

Tashigi was first introduced when the Straw Hat Pirates docked in Loguetown, where she was stationed.

Smoker, her superior officer, seems to regard her as a protege, and the two work very well together.

Despite her distaste for pirates, Tashigi is willing to work with them and abandon her Marine pride if she deems it necessary for the greater good.

Tashigi wears her shirts buttoned up higher and shows less cleavage than many other female characters, indicating that she is somewhat reserved about her body.She is also stubborn and may refuse to accept defeat if she feels she has been looked down upon, as seen when she demanded a rematch with Zoro, indignant that he didn't cut her down.Her endless determination could be interpreted as a "sore loser" attitude, but it seems to derive from her desire to protect what is important to her.This was especially apparent when she was trapped in Smoker's body, as she wore his jacket fully closed and protested heavily when Smoker (trapped in her body) took off her bra and wore her shirt completely unbuttoned.One of Tashigi's most prominent character traits is her absentmindedness.When Smoker was chasing after Luffy during the Alabasta Arc, she failed to recognize the situation until Smoker told her what to do.

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