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Customer Care Information: Phone Hours: 8am - 5pm Pacific, Monday - Saturday Email: 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week Refund Policy: Regarding the Singles Service, the buyer, may cancel the Agreement, without any penalty or obligation, at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the date of Agreement, excluding Sundays and holidays.

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It said the algorithm was based on data collected from more than 50,000 married couples in 23 countries, resulting in statistical models which were associated with cut-off thresholds for scores that indicated a high probability of successful relationships if married.

The website submitted a granted patent for their algorithm to the ASA and also provided a copy of two published studies which it claimed reported higher levels of marital satisfaction for couples who met through e Harmony than any other offline or online source.

However, I stand my ground and feel as I have been a victim of a crime.

In trying to resolve my claim I was told to refer to the "3 day cancellation policy" and was assigned a "specialist" who communicates via E-mail ONLY to handle complaints, refunds and such. Because when you send each matches a message and you wait for a response or viewing your profile. I change my preference around so much I still come up empty handed. I see why they got in trouble with people in UK and a lawsuit against them.

When you do become a member, matches don't respond and/or live far away.

e Harmony only gives you 3 days to cancel their service.

e Harmony believed consumers would interpret the ad to mean that its scientific approach could potentially work for them, and not that it would guarantee they would find lasting love or make connections.

The ASA said consumers would interpret the claim "scientifically proven matching system" to mean that scientific studies had found that the website offered users a significantly greater chance of finding lasting love than what could be achieved if they did not use the service.

After multiple emails back and forth they finally agreed to refund the last charge which occurred in November 2017 for 9.70 and while I am grateful, I am still not satisfied for their part in manipulating this consumer. I wonder if Neil Clark Warren would approve of such a deplorable crime of charging honest, consumers AFTER their accounts have been shut off, deleted and unsubscribed? To add insult to injury, I reunited with my EX husband and remarried him and now to find out this. This is not the first time you have heard this complaint. When I decided to set my matches search range to 30 miles and very important, they act like we restricting them for find matches for me. If select somewhat important they will send people who's all over the US to your what if. Why I need to be in a long distance relationship with someone in a different state. Antoine, I’d like to look over your account parameters to see how I can help.

Dissatisfied, I called their 844-544-3176 # and was finally able to speak with a "manager". Interestingly enough, when I asked "the manager" how much a current e Harmony subscription costs he stated between -200 depending on the promotion running. You've been charging 0 a year from account for 2 years! I feel ashamed, embarrassed and manipulated by e Harmony. Good and honest people choose your site for your reputation but when you take advantage of consumers when you know their accounts are inactive, and their profiles have been deleted then there is absolutely no reason other than consumer fraud for continuing to take advantage of them. As to matches members are only matches with compatible members that have an actual account with our services.

I joined e Harmony mid 2015, paid their subscription cost and unsubscribed at the end of 2015. I feel as though I have been violated and taken advantage of by a company that calls themselves a "Christian organization" claiming to have the highest quality of service.


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  4. Bear in mind that 99% of Men join with the intention of meeting someone immediately, alot of them refuse to place their profiles and most are generally impatient and don't see their Membership through, whereas for women it is more of a long term endeavour and that contributes greatly to the success of our Club, the pie chart below is self explanatory or browse through the Intros pages and see the numbers for yourself.

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