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With Webcam Shield enabled, untrusted applications can not capture images or videos and send the content outside of your PC to compromise your privacy.

The 2015 version of Kaspersky Internet Security features a function that can block access to your video stream. Kaspersky Internet Security categorizes all of the applications installed on your computer in the following groups based on their estimated trustworthiness: By default, Kaspersky Internet Security blocks webcam access for all High restricted and Untrusted applications.

If a Low restricted application attempts to gain access to the webcam, the antivirus will prompt you for an action.

scannt nach Malware, sucht nach leistungsbedingten Problemen und findet sogar dubiose Downloads, bevor diese auf Ihren PC gelangen.

Außerdem bietet es ein brandneues, erfrischend einfaches Design, durch das Sie genau erkennen können, wie Sie geschützt werden.

You can also adjust how Webcam Shield handles applications by using the slider at the bottom of the Webcam Shield screen.

Webcam Shield is included in the latest version of Avast Premier by default.

All dies und ohne Beeinträchtigung der Computerleistung!

Egal ob kostenloser oder vollständiger Schutz, Sie verfügen immer über einen großartigen Schutz, der sich sogar selbst aktualisiert.

Introducing the Spyslide: an elegant and practical webcam cover that serves as the perfect alternative to that ugly sticker or post-it note on your laptop, tablet or desktop.


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  2. You can now step through and set breakpoints in assemblies that Rider decompiles on-the-fly. Whenever you're only interested in debugging your own code, you can change debugger settings to make it step over any library calls.

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